Guns of Muschu
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Listen to the interview with the only survivor of the mission.

The following is reproduced courtesy of ABC National Radio


ABC Radio National Radio,

Breakfast Show, 25 September, 2006

Interview by Fran Kelly:

"Too often returned service men and women are reticent about recounting their wartime experiences. But when their stories are told, they can be tales of amazing bravery, endurance, commitment to duty, and frequently, blind luck.

This is such an account.

In 1945, the final year of World War Two, while the Americans headed towards Japan, the Australians were charged with 'mopping up' the Japanese from the southwest pacific areas. In April '45 there was great concern that two concealed naval guns on Muschu Island off the coast of New Guinea might endanger invading forces.

To scout the existence and location of the 'Guns of Muschu', eight Australian commandos secretly landed on the island.

Of the eight, only one survived, Sapper Mick Dennis.

His story, including beating off deadly attacks from Japanese troops, a Cassowary and a shark is an incredible tale, now told in a book, written by his nephew Don Dennis, entitled The Guns of Muschu.

And Mick Dennis, who was awarded the Military Medal for his heroism, joined us this morning."



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